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  • Maximum of 4 anglers.
  • We supply our own nets and cradles for use on the lake.
  • On each swim. (We provide free)
  • 2 x Carp Sling/Retainer
  • 2 x Carp Unhooking Cradles.
  • 2 x Landing Nets.
  • 2 x Bottles of Carp Aid/Antiseptic.
  • Please use Carp Aid/Antiseptic on hook after every catch. (we supply on each swim)
  • Always use Carp Cradles.
  • 3 rods per Angler maximum.
  • Bivves must be erected on gravel swims.
  • Minimum 15lb mainline.
  • No branded main line, except on spod or marker rods.
  • No leadcore or leaders of any kind.
  • Rig tubing must be used. (minimum of 400mm but would prefer it to be longer) We recommend using Rig Marole Freefall Braided Tubing. Ultra-heavy and very easy to thread.
  • Micro barbed or barbless hooks only. No ‘bent’ or patterned or long shank hooks.
  • No knots, swivels, quick links or split shot above the lead.
  • No fixed rigs.
  • No sacking fish.
  • No standing with fish for photos.
  • No nuts of any kind.
  • Please use soft boilies only.
  • Leads to be lightly fixed to allow easy removal when playing fish.
  • Bait boats are permitted.
  • Alcohol to be consumed sensibly.
  • Motor boat only to be used for snagged fish, life jacket must be worn.
  • Please use recycle bins and waste bins supplied around the lake.
  • No litter or cigarette butts (Ash trays provided)
  • The only toilet to be used is in your Gîte.
  • Please do not use round the lake as your toilet.
  • Loud music or Fires are not permitted.
  • No BBQ round the lake. (Owner will organise BBQ’s with you at the lake)

We give our consent for any photos to be used for publicity for La Froterie.

We ask you to read and observe these basic fish handling rules. The reasons for these rules are to make sure our fish are well looked after and kept in mint condition.

We will supply buckets of water, for when you are lifting your fish onto the unhooking matt, so you have your water ready to wet the hooking matt, please have iodine, weighing scales and cameras ready.  Please be extra careful if the weather is warm or hot.

Please enjoy your carp fishing, take lots of pictures and keep the fish out of the water for a minimum time possible. Be sure to carefully revive in the water before you release.

We thank you so much for abiding by these rules and hope you enjoy your fishing experience at La Froterie.

Heath & Lisa

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